CardiacWise for Coaches (18CAC)
CardiacWise for Coaches (18CAC)
Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in young athletes. CardiacWise for Coaches is an online educational program designed to educate coaches on the prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in athletes. Coaches who successfully complete...
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ConcussionWise for Coaches (18CWC)
ConcussionWise for Coaches (18CWC)
As a coach, you are responsible for the health and safety of your athletes, and it's likely that you are aware of the recent focus on concussions in sports. It is important for coaches to understand concussion basics, as well as steps to prevent...
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HeatWise for Coaches (18HWC)
HeatWise for Coaches (18HWC)
HeatWise is an online program designed to educate coaches and others involved in sports and physical activity on the prevention and management of exertional heat illness. This course is approximately 20 minutes in length. Individuals who...
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